The invasion of East Timor 1975 was the impetus to establish the East Timor Committee (Östtimorkommittén). After the referendum on the 30:th of August 1999 the UN through a transitional administration administered the territory until full independence was declared on the 20:th of May 2002.

What we want

The committee works

What we do

1996-2020 the East Timor Committee publishes together with the Association for a Free Papua (Föreningen för ett Fritt Papua) published a bulletin in Swedish, Merdeka/East Timor Information, approximately four times a year. Up to December 2014 63 printed editions were published. 2015-2020 the bulletin was published here on the Internet. Before publication of Merdeka/East Timor Information we published more than 30 editions of a simpler bulletin.

The committee

The East Timor Committee has published seven books:

and the brochure

The committee produced a part of the exhibition Brottsplats Stilla havet (The site of crime the Pacific Ocean), 1984, and together with Riksutställningar the exhibition Förintelse i Paradiset (Extinction in the Paradise), 1987. Both have been shown among other places in the cultural centre of Stockholm (Kulturhuset). 1991-1992 the committee made the exhibition Timor - min ö (Timor - my island), that easily could be transported and therefore was shown at many different occasions.

The committee has an extensiv archive and library.

The committee is a member of the International Federation for East Timor, IFET, and participates at the meetings of the European solidarity organisations' meetings.

More information

Please feel free to contact us for more information. In addition to the contact points given in the header you can contact Tommy Pollák, phone +46 73 396 4591.

Daily information from East Timor is available from an email list. Read more at You may look for a list called east-timor.